Role of Palis

Twelve mask dancers known as 'Palis' arrive at the location as forerunners of the 18 Sanni demons and arrange the place for the ritual. Palis assigned with different tasks come one after the other. Pandam Paliya carries burning torches, Anguru Dummala Paliya carries (resin powder and charcoal, Kadu Paliya carries a sword, Kalas Paliya carries a flower pot, Salu Paliya carries betel, Dalumura Paliya carries betel, Tambili Paliya carries a king coconut, Muguru Paliya carries a club, Kukulu Paliya carries a cock, Athu Paliya carries branches, Dunu Paliya carries a bow and arrow and Kendi Paliya carries holy water in a pot.

The Twelve Pali is as follows,
  • Pandam Paliya Carries burning torches
  • Dummala Paliya Resin and Charcoal
  • Kadu Paliya A sword
  • Kalas Paliya A pot containing flowers
  • Kendi Paliya A pot with purified water
  • Salu Paliya A Shawl
  • Dalumura Paliya Betel, flowers and coins
  • Thambili Paliya A king coconut
  • Kukulu Paliya A cock
  • Dunu Paliya A bow an arrow
  • Muguru Paliya A Club
  • Athu Paliya Branches of a tree

These Pali characters are humorous, By they are jokes they tend to invoke laughter among the audience. Laughter plays an important part in the process of the treatment of the patient.


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